Mills Violano Bow Wheels

Mills Violano bow wheel set. 4 wheels total. (MUST BE ROSENED BEFORE USE!)

At Roberts Musical Restorations we are proud to produce the highest quality bow wheels for the Mills Violano. With age or neglect bow wheels eventually wear out resulting in a horrible sounding Violano. With age the original wheels harden, crack and the rubber spacers between the disks deteriorate. Furthermore, they are not supposed to be touched with fingers and will prevent the rosin to stick due to the oils in your skin.

This bow wheel set will come packaged in 2 separate containers. One marked E & A and the other D & G. The E & A bow wheels have 27 leaves each. The D & G bow wheels have 40 leaves which makes them stiffer to play the thicker strings like original. THESE BOW WHEELS DO NOT COME PRE- ROSEINED! Install the wheels being careful not to touch the flat surface with your fingers and then lower the rosin tray to rosin the wheels.

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Price: USD298.00
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