This is a Link Orchestration Style A. It has 49 playing notes, plus 12 octave coupled bass notes and 12 coupled treble. 28 flute

pipes and 28 metal Violin pipes, Triangle, tambourine, Tom Tom (tambourine beater), snare drum, 2 wood blocks, mandolin rail and will be adding a bass drum. Also will be adding a custom wireless midi system.This is one of the rarest and largest Link Orchestrations built. Only a hand full known to exist. I'm proud to have the opportunity to bring this magnificent instrument back to life.


Items are listed in no particular order. If you have any questions or comments about this restoration please click HERE.

Plate and Soundboard

Roll frame Roller

Valves & Pneumatics

When doing a restoration I always do everything I can to keep things as original as possible but if there are small things that can be done to increase the performance then I will make an exception. In this case a midi system is being installed so the valve system has to be 100%. The original valves have 2 negative things about them. For one, they have a “floating” top disk that basically sits loose in the well. Most actions they are connected to the stem in some way. Secondly, the stem is too small on the bottom of the valve and allows the valve to move around too much, even hitting the sides of the well (picture 1)in some cases. We took care of this and built new adjustable valves somewhat like a Wurlitzer valve that would sit in the middle of the well and can adjust the valve travel when the unit is all together.

As for the pouches, originally Link used “silk” backed pneumatic cloth for the pouches and regular cotton backed pneumatic to cover them. The problem is that although Silk backed pneumatic cloth is still available and is used for very small pneumatics, the rubber is stiffer than they used back in the day therefore doesn’t react the same. So, tested and rebuilt a couple of units using the silk backed cloth, Morton’s leather (maroon color) and zephyr skin. Being that the tubes coming from tracker in this Link are longer than normal. After testing for the best reiteration and response, Zephyr beat hands down. So that’s what was used.

Pipe Chest

Piano Action

Miscellaneous Items Completed


MIDI System