Restoration of a Mills Violano

Picking up from location.




"That has to be the Best Violano I have ever heard. Bravo Roberts Restorations. If they all sounded that great, more people would want to own them."

" The goal of a Violano Restoration is clear, pure, and round tones from each violin note. The goal has been reached in this instrument! Robert in this restoration of a Mills Violino has achieved the elusive musical zenith sought by every Mills Violano owner and restorer! From now on he will be the envy of everyone professional or not who has every attempted to make a Violano "SING"! Bravo Robert!!!!! "

" I can't stop listening to this Violano... before, I could take them or leave them, because even most of the "restored" ones I've heard were a little off in the voicing, too "scratchy" etc etc. but you got it just right here! I don't know how you did it! I'm actually getting into listening to this!"

" I could cry! I don't know if they give awards to restorers based upon talent, but, judging from this video, you sir are a VIRTUOSO!
MAN! NONE of the notes are out-of-tune, not even the really high notes, which can sound god-awful on some Violano's. You must have spaced and double-checked the fingers just right to get it to sound this well, not to mention that TONE! "