This is an early Bow Front Mills Violano restored back to its glory.

    In all our restorations we treat them as our own. Nothing gets overlooked! Even items you can’t see. Therefore, we try our best to be transparent in showing detailed pictures of our restorations and always communicate with our clients providing pictures during the restoration process showing the quality that we perform inside and out. We always go over and above what is expected due to the knowledge and skills we possess. Our shop performs all aspects on premises. Fabrication, duplication of parts, metal work, woodwork, plating and a full stained-glass shop. We do it All!

*****Before Restoration***** 

(We normally show more pictures of the restoration but some were mistakenly deleated)



    Many of our instrument restorations seem to be in quarter sawn oak in which we really know how to make the finish “POP”! The finish on this Violano was previously done but as you can see from the before pictures it was very bland and could hardly see the figuring.


   In our shop we ALWAYS completely restore the finger head being that it's one of the most critical parts of the Violano to get a nice clear sound. Through time the strings ware a groove in the V notch of the finger, if ignored it will create a buzzing sound or sticking notes. Using a magnifying glass, the V notches are carefully filed to even out the contact point and remove any groove. Then they are glass beaded and prepped to be lightly nickel plated.